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Potato Chips Factory: A Delicious and Nutritious Snack

Who can resist the temptation of a crispy and flavorful potato chip? Whether you’re enjoying them during movie night or as a quick snack, potato chips have become an integral part of our lives. But have you ever wondered how these delectable treats are made? Let’s take a closer look at Kaida Food’s potato chips factory in Beijing, China, and discover the secrets behind their success.

Kaida Food: Delivering Healthy and Natural Potato Chips

At Kaida Food, they believe that quality starts with the ingredients. Their potato chips are made from healthy and natural raw materials, ensuring that every bite is packed with goodness. By using low temperature vacuum frying technology, which maintains temperatures between 90 – 115℃, Kaida preserves the original nutrition and taste of the vegetables used in their products. This innovative approach sets them apart from other manufacturers.

Beijing Kaida: A Leading Player in the Industry

Established in 2000, Beijing Kaida has quickly risen to prominence within the food industry. With approximately 900 employees and an annual output value of USD680 million, this company is making waves worldwide. Their key products include VF potato chips as well as fruits and vegetable crisps – all produced with utmost care to deliver exceptional flavor.

An Automated Factory for Efficiency

Kaida Food boasts more than 100 modern production lines housed within state-of-the-art facilities equipped with 100,000-level air purification workshops. These automated systems ensure efficiency while maintaining strict quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process. From peeling potatoes to packaging finished products – everything is meticulously handled by advanced production equipment.

Shudu Kaida: Processing Potatoes on a Massive Scale

Shudu Kaida, a subsidiary of Beijing Kaida, is responsible for processing an astounding 800 tons of potatoes per day. By adopting international advanced production technology and automatic production equipment, they are able to meet the ever-growing demand for their delicious potato chips. This massive scale operation ensures that customers can enjoy their favorite snack without any compromise on quality or taste.

Let’s not lie to ourselves; fried food and snacks are delicious! There’s something irresistible about the crispy texture and savory flavors that make them hard to resist. However, with Kaida Food’s commitment to using healthy ingredients and innovative frying techniques, you can indulge in your love for potato chips guilt-free. So next time you reach for a bag of these delectable treats, remember the dedication behind every bite – from the potato fields all the way to your fingertips.

A Bright Future Ahead

The success story of Kaida Food’s potato chips factory serves as an inspiration within the industry. Their focus on delivering high-quality products while prioritizing health and nutrition has earned them a loyal customer base both domestically and internationally. As we continue our love affair with this beloved snack, it’s reassuring to know that companies like Kaida Food are working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure we can savor every chip with confidence.

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