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Elevating Communication and Security with Hikvision’s Network Horn Speaker

A cutting-edge solution to improve communication and security in diverse corporate situations is the Network Horn Speaker 7W Insert In from Hikvision. This network speaker elevates how organizations approach audio communication systems with dependable performance, robust security features, and flexible administration choices.

Reliable Performance and Enhanced Storage Capabilities

Hikvision’s Network Horn Speaker 7W Insert In is equipped with high-speed industrial-grade dual-core chips to ensure seamless communication and security. This technology guarantees stable system performance, enabling businesses to rely on the network speaker for critical audio communication. The dual storage capability with NOR Flash+EMMC also provides reliable system backup and efficient data management, contributing to a highly dependable solution.

Robust Security Features for Network Speaker Systems

Hikvision understands the importance of maintaining secure systems. The Network Horn Speaker 7W Insert In incorporates robust security features to safeguard access and sensitive information. With secure startup and a user login locking mechanism, unauthorized access is prevented, ensuring only authorized personnel can operate the network speaker. Furthermore, password complexity prompts strengthen system security, while security audit log traceability enhances accountability and network safety.

Versatile Management and Flexible Configuration Options

Efficient management and flexible configuration are critical factors in optimizing the performance of a network speaker system. Hikvision’s Network Horn Speaker 7W Insert In offers batch unified management of remote platforms, simplifying the administration of multiple network speakers across different locations.

Additionally, the system supports local WEB single-machine configuration, allowing businesses to tailor settings to their specific requirements. Including local audio collection and playback further enhances versatility, ensuring the network speaker adapts to diverse application scenarios.


Hikvision’s Network Horn Speaker 7W Insert In is elevating communication and security in businesses of all sizes. With its reliable performance, robust security features, and versatile management options, this network speaker provides a powerful solution for seamless audio communication. By leveraging Hikvision’s advanced technology, businesses can achieve a new level of excellence in their audio communication systems, ensuring clear and reliable communication while maintaining the highest security standards.

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