How to play Uno with 100% certainty of winning for beginners

Instructions on how to play Uno effectively will help you increase your chances of winning big in this interesting Boardgame. Reality shows that understanding how to play Uno is not too complicated for gamers. You just need to take the time to carefully learn and practice this game regularly to become proficient. How specifically, let’s go New88today Find out!

A few things about the Uno card game

Uno is an interesting Boardgame originating from America, in which players use a special deck of cards with bright symbols and diverse colors. Starting from the base of the game Crazy Eights, Uno quickly became a phenomenon.

Merle Robbins, a resident of Ohio, USA, created Uno in 1971. Since then, this game has attracted the love of many people. In particular, it quickly became one of the most popular card games globally. Furthermore, the way to play Uno is also extremely simple and easy to understand, so it is even easier for gamers to approach.

Is playing Uno simple?

The basic rules of playing Uno are not as complicated as many people think. Specifically, after someone plays first, you will lower the cards according to the following two basic rules:

  • The first rule is to play cards of the same color or number. Specifically, the player only needs to play a card with the same color or number as the card the opponent used.
  • The second rule is that you can play functional cards. Usually it includes +2, +4, Reverse, Wild, etc. Players are allowed to use them when it is their turn to create elements of surprise for their opponents.

In case there are no cards to play, the player must draw one more card from the face-up pile. If the newly drawn card matches the above two rules, the player can play down immediately to avoid skipping a turn.

Experts share unbeatable ways to play Uno

.To be successful in Uno, understanding the rules of the game is just the first step. What is more important is that you need to possess optimal strategies and effective tips to increase your chances of winning. Below are some great ways to play Uno from experts.

Keep track of your opponent’s card count

To win in Uno, the only optimal strategy is to play all the cards in your hand. At the same time, you must force your opponent to draw as many cards as possible. Therefore, the most important thing is that you need to pay attention and count the number of your opponent’s cards.

For aHow to play Uno card game effectively, counting their leaves will help you make the most appropriate decision. When a player has multiple cards of the same color, they use the Wild Card to change the color. So you need to quickly switch to another color to prevent them from playing many cards.

Likewise, if your opponent has to keep drawing cards of a certain color, your strategy is to keep playing those colors. This will create pressure and force the opponent to draw more cards. From there you can control the game more effectively.

Keep the +2 and +4 cards until the end

+2 and +4 cards can completely change the situation of the hand. Therefore, in playing Uno, it is very important that you take advantage of them wisely. To maximize your power, save these important cards for the final stages of the game. Using them too early can leave you in a deadlock and without cards when needed.

When you notice that an opponent only has two cards or less left, that is the ideal time for you to deploy these special cards. The support from the +2 and +4 cards will force the opponent to draw more cards. Thanks to that, you will create great pressure and a great opportunity to take over the game.
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Help each other

In team mode, selfish fighting certainly cannot bring benefits. Instead, play in a cooperative spirit, combining strength and tactics with teammates to create powerful attacks.

When you realize that your teammates only have 1-2 cards left in their hand, try to support them in achieving victory. Helping teammates finish first doesn’t just benefit them. Because it also helps you win, no matter what position you are in the game.


So New88 has introduced a simple but extremely effective way to play Uno for gamers. It can be seen that this game is one of the most attractive Boardgame genres at the present time. Don’t forget to apply the tips we shared to have the best experience when playing Uno!

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