Game Mau Binh OnlineNew88 And the Secret to Sure Winning from Experts

Game Mau Binh online New888 attracts millions of members to participate because of its simple gameplay, easy to win and high reward rate. The game not only creates entertaining moments but is also an opportunity for you to get rich online very easily. This article is the same New88 Casino Learn detailed information about how to play and tips for playing Mau Binh from experts!

Introducing the game Mau Binh onlineNew88 

Mau soldiers is one of the most popular and loved card game genres in the online entertainment market. The game originates from China, impressing with its very simple gameplay that anyone can master after just a few games.

Mau Binh is a name translated from Chinese as thirteen, corresponding to 13 cards randomly dealt to each person. Join the online Mau Binh game New88, each game has 2 – 4 members, each person will have a total of 13 cards. Besides the eye-catching graphic design, the game also attracts attention because of its extremely attractive reward rate.

Rules for playing Mau Binh online game New88 for Newbies

Not only with Mau Binh but also with any form of entertainment, mastering the rules of the game is an extremely important factor if you want to win. Join us to learn the detailed rules of the Mau Binh game for real money right below:

With 13 cards, gamers will arrange them into 3 different hands including: first hand (3 cards), middle hand (5 cards) and last hand (5 cards). Furthermore, the deck of cards also calculates points according to the value of the number, in which Ace is the largest, followed by K and decreasing until 2. Branches in the online Mau Binh game New88 Familiar things that you must understand thoroughly include:
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  • Straight box: Deck of cards with 5 consecutive value cards of the same suit, attractive reward rate.
  • Four of a kind: 4 cards of the same value but different suits.
  • Full of cards: A deck of cards consisting of 3 identical cards and the remaining 2 of the same value.
  • Flush: The concept of 5 random cards of the same suit, for example, the series from 2 to 7 are all diamonds.
  • Lobby: Mau Binh game card deck onlineNew88 consists of 5 consecutive cards of value and does not need to pay attention to the suit.
  • Sam Co: A card combination with 3 identical cards (3-card family) or 2 remaining cards that are different for 5-card family.
  • Animal: Player owns 2 pairs of the same value and 1 other card.
  • Pair: Two identical cards and the cards are different.
  • Mau Bi: Also known as trash cards when they cannot form pairs or strings in the online Mau Binh gameNew88.

How to play Mau Binh game online New88 simple

Although Mau Binh is a form of entertainment with simple and easy-to-understand rules, if you do not understand it thoroughly, it is very difficult to win. Here’s the same New88 Discover how to play Mau Binh game onlineNew88 Basics to easily make the right decision:

How to play cards

After the Dealer deals the online Mau Binh gameNew88 After finishing, the player arranges the pieces according to each branch and then compares them to determine the winning or losing results. The process of comparing winning points will be done in the order of hand 1 with hand 1, hand 2 with hand 2, etc. Depending on each hand you own, the results will be decided publicly and transparently by the game portal. .

Special case

How to play Mau Binh game online New88 There are also some special cases when playing that you should not ignore. This is called a white win, the player receives the reward immediately without doing anything, specifically:

  • Rolling Dragon: Member owns all 13 cards with value from 2 to Ace and of the same suit, the reward ratio if won is 1:24.
  • Dragon Hall: Gamers who arrange cards with 13 cards from 2 – Ace in a row, not of the same suit, can still win and receive 12 times the reward.
  • Five pairs of 1 sham: The deck has 5 pairs of cards, 1 sham, you just need to own it to receive an immediate reward with a value of 6 times the capital.
  • Luc Phe Bon: Players who have the Mau Binh online gameNew88 If you have 6 pairs and an odd 1 card, you win and get a prize with a value of 3 times.
  • Three barrels: Gamers who have 3 limbs will immediately receive 3 times the reward.
  • Three halls: In case you own 3 branches that are all halls, you will receive 3 times the reward.

How to calculate money

In the game Mau Binh online New88, the way of calculating money is not too different from other online bookies on the market. Players only need to win 1, 2 or 3 hands to immediately receive the bonus that the game portal has publicly updated. However, if you lose, you will have to pay the loss for each hand. In case you lose everything, you will have to pay the bet 3 times.

Secret to playing Mau Binh game onlineNew88 from master

Any form of online betting involves a high degree of chance and Mau Binh online gameNew88 is also one of them. If you want to optimize your win rate and minimize risks, you must definitely refer to the following tips:

Understand the rules of the game

As mentioned, mastering the rules of the game and how to calculate points is the first thing that you need to pay attention to when participating in playing Mau Binh online.New88. Because only by clearly understanding the betting rules can gamers easily make accurate, effective decisions and avoid wrong moves.

Stay mentally alert

When playing Mau Binh game onlineNew88, players need to stay alert, calm and calculate their tactics carefully. In fact, this game is still highly risky, so if you are not really alert, it will be difficult to win. Especially in situations where psychology is affected, players should pause to preserve their capital.

Budget limit

Determining financial participation from the beginning and learning how to manage capital is also the secret to effectively increasing your winning rate. This not only helps you calculate a reasonable playing plan, know where to stop at the right time, but can also invest to win big rewards, specifically:

  • Determine the limit number: Before starting to participate in the online Mau Binh gameNew88, players should determine the bet level according to a specific number and not exceed it. Especially for new recruits, you should divide your capital and start with the smallest number to minimize risks.
  • Choosing a betting table: Based on your capital and experience, gamers should consider choosing the appropriate betting table. Members should avoid betting tables with capital that is too high compared to their budget because if so, the possibility of loss is very large.

Choose a reputable bookmaker

Reputable and trustworthy online bookmakers on the market today are not easy to find. Because there are many websites currently created with the sole purpose of defrauding and appropriating each member’s money.

Therefore, before deciding whether to invest or not, players should consider and verify carefully. Some criteria for choosing a professional betting site like Mau Binh online gameNew88 including: Legality, high rewards, diverse game store, transparent payment,… In particular, you can also refer to feedback from previous participants for verification.


Above is detailed information about the online Mau Binh gameNew88 which you should not ignore. The game is not only simple and accessible, but also offers the opportunity to earn huge bonuses. If you don’t have an account to play Mau Binh yet, quickly register today atNew88 to experience it!

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