Healthy Diversions for Overwhelming Moments in Your Life

Finding healthy ways to relax, de-stress and enjoy life is crucial for our mental and physical well-being, even in the most difficult times. It has been difficult to find ways to relax and unwind in these past few years. This is particularly true for those who live in remote areas and have to learn hybrid or remote work.

Our bodies’ defense mechanisms can be overwhelmed by the challenges we face before we even realize it. Emotional wellbeing is a key factor in overall health. Therefore, it’s important to find ways to mitigate these issues and allow for emotional reset. Mental wellbeing is dependent on finding healthy distractions.

Psychology and health have long recognized the importance of psychological and physical well-being. For some, it is great to relax, laugh, and have fun with family and friends. Some people enjoy running, walking and going out in the fresh air. It doesn’t matter what you like, it’s good for your physical and mental health. Diversifications are as much a part of our biology as breathing.

Storytelling as a form of entertainment and diversion

The Neandertals, an ancient cave dweller who used cave walls as a way to entertain and document their lives, were known as cave-dwellers. This is how modern day Neandertals can be seen telling ghost stories in tribes, rural residents streaming Netflix, or people in large cities describing their lives. For our mental health, diversions from our daily lives are essential.

While some people prefer outdoor activities, others prefer indoor crafts and arts. It’s not the action that is important. The outlet that these activities provide is the key to happiness and health. It is a fact that too many emotions can have a negative impact on your mood and physical health. Emotional baggage is a term that describes someone who is emotionally burdened or hurting emotionally.

These emotions can have a lasting effect on:

Emotional regulation and moods

Negative internal monologues



Physical well-being

Desire and Energy

Relationships with Others

These emotions, if not addressed and dealt with, can cause serious mental and physical health problems. It is important to find a way to get out of the distress that can build up in the body before it becomes too severe. For some, sports can be a great outlet and diversion. You can enjoy the diversion, distraction and bonding that sports provide.

Turn off the TV and Social Media

Disconnecting from electronic devices is one way to reduce and minimize the negative effects we face. The industry has seen over the years that people tune into television more often and for longer periods of time by promoting exciting news and programs. The shows you watch are meant to make you feel stressed so you can keep watching them longer and sell more advertising.

Social media companies also designed algorithms that keep users scrolling and engaged. The algorithms are intended to stimulate (not to soothe) and entice users (not to educate). The brain’s direct neural-chemical response is very similar to stimulant use. Dopamine is released by the brain to increase moods and keep users involved.

Last word

Disconnect users can experience similar withdrawal symptoms to people who use recreational drugs. It doesn’t matter what outlet you use, it is important to find a safe and healthy one.

Regaining your mental and bodily health, especially after the events of the past two years, should be a resolution that you make for your overall wellbeing. It shouldn’t be a resolution for New Years, it should be one you keep for the whole year.

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