Five Ways to Get Your Act Together Today

You are not the only one feeling tired, disoriented, and battered. Even those with a successful career, strong relationships, and good health can feel overwhelmed. You’re likely doing more than you realize. Here are five quick tips to improve your health and make your life easier.

1. Use Helpful Technology Tools

Apps can organize your life in any way you want. To ensure you never lose your keys again and to organize your finances, use a GPS tile tracker. You can also download a progress journal app that turns reaching your goals into a game. You probably have your phone with you all the time, so take advantage of it to be a productivity tool.

2. Get good sleep hygiene

Quality sleep can make a huge difference in how your day runs. You should set a bedtime for tonight and keep it. Avoid staring at screens for at least an hour before you go to bed. You can have a nighttime routine that includes a bubble bath and brushing your teeth, as well as a book.

3. Move your body

Even a simple walk around the block, or a dance around the kitchen, can boost dopamine levels and make you feel a lot more positive. Bonus points for if your heart rate increases and you improve your cardiovascular health. Every bit helps and will make a big difference over time.

4. Always be grateful

Psychologists recommend using strategies such as reframing in order to promote positive thinking and make physical changes in how the brain sends out and receives messages. You can look at a difficult day as an opportunity to grow and you always have something to be grateful for. You can make a list of all these things to help you stay positive and have a place you can go when you need it.

5. Hydrate throughout the day

It is easy to forget to drink enough fluids. Over the years, there has been much debate about how much water is recommended for a day. However, most experts agree that 64 ounces per day is sufficient. Some recommend drinking twice the amount. Drinking more water can be done today and you will feel more refreshed. To make drinking water easier and more enjoyable, fill a large bottle with water and drink it throughout the day. To make water more enjoyable, add a little flavor to your water.

Small steps can lead to great success. It’s easier to focus on one thing at the time than it is on other things. You can make one small change that will lead to more positive outcomes. You will be a blessing to your future self.

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