Tips To Make Soccer Goals for Kids at Home

Soccer is a fun and interesting game that kids love to play in summer. You can prepare your child to play professional soccer or simply give them a place to enjoy quality family time. Soccer goals for children are a fun family activity. It is easy to build one yourself using basic tools and following simple steps. By combining and organizing the pieces, a soccer goal can be a great source of family fun. It can be built in your backyard to give you the benefit of a house arena. It’s also cost-effective and can be assembled using items you already have at home.

Soccer Goal

You can choose your preferred dimensions and build the soccer goal for children using any house material. This is the list of materials and equipment required to build a soccer goal.

4 – PVC pipe (equal dimension)

Pipe cutting for elbows and tees


Pipe cutter

Measure tape


Highlighter for marking


How to Make Soccer Goal at Home?

It is not difficult to arrange the pipes for a soccer goal. This can be done by simply engaging your children in the activity.

Step 1 – Measurement of Pieces

Use the measuring tape to measure the PVC pipe. Mark the measurement with the highlighter to make cutting easier. You will need two sections each of 5 feet, 2 sections of 4 feet, 4 sections, 3 sections, and 4 sections of 1 foot.

Step 2 – Cutting of PVC

Now, you can begin to cut the sections using a hacksaw after marking the correct size. Place the pipe on a table. Start cutting by using a slow stroke followed by a little strike. After cutting each section, smoothen the edges by rubbing down.

Step 3: Assembling

Once you’re done cutting, it’s time to assemble the pieces. Begin by joining the base. Next, move to the top. Then, join the elbow and tees. All pieces must be correctly combined. Make sure to dry the frame before you glue the pipe together.

Step 4 – Gluing pieces together

Once the dry frame has set, mark the joints with highlighter. It is easy to glue the pieces together and arrange them. For permanent joining, you can also use glue made from PVC cement. You will need to apply the cement one by one to the pieces and then join them together. It takes some time for the cement to set so it is important to speed up the process by streamlining the frame prior to pasting. Once the cement has dried, you can leave the frame to dry for a while.

Step 5 – Prepare for Netting

The deer net can be used for soccer goals for children. Measure the size of the net to cover the back, sides and ends of the frame. Once you have determined the size, cut the net.

Step 6 – Attach the Net with Frame

The net should be wrapped around the frame tightly and left loose to catch the ball. Use zip ties to secure the net around your soccer frame.

Final Words

You can easily set up your soccer goals by following these simple steps. It is lightweight and easy to transport. This will offer your children a fantastic training and play experience, both in the summer and on weekends.

Soccer goals for children!

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