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Solar Charging Made Efficient: Harness the Sun’s Power with DEENO X1500

Welcome to the world of efficient and eco-friendly portable power with the DEENO X1500. Designed for adventurers who value sustainability, this power station offers a seamless solar charging experience when paired with the optional DEENO portable solar panel. With its user-friendly design and illuminating features, the DEENO X1500 is a perfect LiFePO4 power station for those seeking reliable, portable power on their outdoor expeditions.

Solar Charging Made Efficient: Harness the Sun’s Power

Pair your DEENO X1500 with the optional DEENO portable solar panel, equipped with MTTP feature. In just 6 hours, you can efficiently charge your power station, making it an ideal choice for eco-conscious adventurers.

User-Friendly Design: Simple, Easy, and Efficient

DEENO X1500 simplifies the complex world of portable power. All ports are intelligently designed on one side, making identification easy and saving valuable space. The addition of hidden handles ensures effortless carrying, enhancing the station’s portability.

Illuminate Your Path: 12W LED Lighting

Darkness won’t catch you off guard anymore. The DEENO X1500 comes equipped with a 12W LED light featuring four operation modes (25%, 50%, 100%, and SOS), ensuring you have the right illumination for every situation.


The DEENO X1500 power station, paired with the optional DEENO portable solar panel, revolutionizes portable power with its efficient solar charging capabilities. Its user-friendly design streamlines the charging process while maximizing portability with hidden handles. Additionally, the 12W LED light ensures you never find yourself in the dark, providing the perfect lighting options for any outdoor scenario. Embrace sustainable energy solutions and embark on your adventures with the reliable, eco-conscious power of the DEENO X1500.

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