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Unleashing the Power of Hanshow’s Digital Shelf Tags

Remaining competitive in the ever-changing retail world necessitates creative ideas that increase sales and improve marketing initiatives. Hanshow, a leading provider of electronic shelf labels and digital price tags solutions, offers retailers a game-changing tool with their digital shelf tags. With advanced features such as categorized promotions and creative video capabilities, Hanshow’s digital shelf tags revolutionize the way retailers promote products, drive sales, and enhance branding directly at the physical point of sale.

Categorize Promotions for Targeted Marketing

Hanshow’s digital shelf tags empower retailers to categorize promotions and set them to be automatically displayed at certain times. This feature allows retailers to strategically promote products that are not selling well or further increase purchases of top-selling products. By targeting specific promotions to specific times, retailers can optimize their marketing efforts to capture customers’ attention at the right moment. This targeted approach not only boosts sales but also reduces wasteful promotion of products that are already performing well.

Creative Video Content for In-Store Marketing

Hanshow’s Lumina Edge digital shelf tags provide product brands with a powerful tool for in-store marketing. With the ability to display creative video content directly at the physical point of sale, brands can enhance sales and strengthen their branding efforts. By leveraging high-resolution screens and captivating video content, Lumina Edge grabs customers’ attention and immerses them in engaging brand experiences. This in-store marketing strategy creates a lasting impact on customers, influencing their purchasing decisions and fostering brand loyalty.


By leveraging these innovative solutions, retailers can drive sales, increase customer engagement, and strengthen brand loyalty. Embrace the power of Hanshow’s digital shelf tags and unlock a new level of marketing effectiveness in the dynamic world of retail.

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