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The Reason Behind Hengli’s Polymer Plastic’s Uniqueness

Hengli is a manufacturer of polymer plastics that uses distinctive polymer technology to produce high-qualit plastics. We’ll examine what makes Hengli’s polymer plastic unique in this post, along with some advice for using it in your upcoming projects.

Polymer Plastics: Some Information You Need to Know

Polymer plastics are substances created from several repeating polymer molecular units, or segments. Polyethylene and polypropylene, which are generated from ethylene glycol, are the most used forms. In comparison to conventional materials, polymer plastics provide a number of benefits, such as high heat tolerance and resistance to chemicals and UV rays.

The capacity of polymer plastic to switch between the solid and liquid states is one of its most notable advantages. As a result, it can be employed in situations where conventional materials are inappropriate, like the construction sector. Additionally, by synthesizing polymers on demand for certain applications, they can be manufactured to order.

Summary of Hengli

With a production capacity of up to 12 million tons per year, Hengli (Dalian Changxing Island) Industrial Park is one of the largest and most advanced PTA manufacturing facilities in the petrochemical sector. The project was completed and put into operation quickly and under strict restrictions, shattering multiple global business records.

With a 6 million ton annual polymerization capacity, Hengli Group has the greatest technology and equipment in the polyester new materials sector. As part of the vertical expansion of the Group’s industrial chain, Hengli Textile has more than 40,000 sets of production equipment with a production capacity of more than 4 billion meters yearly. Their manufacturing bases are in Suzhou and Suqian in Jiangsu, Luzhou in Sichuan, Guiyang in Guizhou, and other places.

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