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The Benefits of the DNL RJT5015SB Adjustable Leg Support Stand

Enhance the performance of your horse trailer with DNL‘s JK70-RT250Z heavy-duty jockey wheel. Designed to withstand robust usage, this heavy-duty jockey wheel is equipped to provide durability, reliability, and unmatched support in various applications.

Unmatched Durability and Reliability

The jockey wheel for horse trailer by DNL guarantees exceptional durability and reliability for your horse trailer. This heavy-duty jockey wheel is designed to endure extreme usage conditions, which guarantees that it will provide long-lasting performance across a variety of demanding applications.

Stability and Support at its Best

With an impressive static loading capacity of up to 500kgs, the JK70-RT250Z heavy trailer jack wheel offers unparalleled stability and support. This ensures that your horse trailer will continue to be stable and stable, even when loaded with huge loads or when encountering difficult situations.

Longevity and Performance in Challenging Environments

To combat corrosion and enhance longevity, the JK70-RT250Z heavy trailer jack wheel features hot dip galvanization. This process provides high corrosion resistance, ensuring that the jockey wheel maintains peak performance even in harsh environments, prolonging its lifespan.


Experience ease of use and space-saving convenience with the JK70-RT250Z heavy-duty jockey wheel from DNL. With the innovative foldable crank design that minimizes space requirements and operates quietly, as well as an ergonomic knob for effortless operation, this heavy trailer jack wheel offers the best in functionality and user experience. Elevate your towing experience with DNL’s JK70-RT250Z heavy-duty jockey wheel, combining durability, stability, corrosion resistance, and user-friendly features in one robust package.

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