JPT becomes the supplier of CATL

Shenzhen JPT Opto-Electronics Co Ltd (also known as JPT) delivered the “Announcement of Receipt Of Supplier Designated Notifications” on 21 March. Details revealed that Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd (also known as “JPT”) had just passed a supplier designation notice to the company. This indicated that they were selected as CATL’s source of MOPA pulsed fibre lasers. They were then responsible for the pole-cutting process that is used to produce battery cells.

A Trusted Supplier

JPT was added to the SSE STAR Market’s list of companies on October 31, 2019. JPT is a pioneer in streamlining commercial and home MOPA pulsed lasers. JPT has been trading this market since 2007. The company is currently the leader in MOPA laser sales worldwide and surpasses foreign competitors.

Progress in manufacturing more efficient vehicles is made possible by lithium batteries. The reliability of the batteries directly impacts the safety and cruising range of the vehicle. This is a complex process that has many components. These three components are cell development, pole-piece manufacturing, and battery construction. When making batteries, lasers are located at the front, middle and back of assembly lines. Because of their durability, reliability, material protection, security, and security, lasers are a great choice.

JPT technology

JPT welcomes any new developments in energy-powered battery technology that have been made over the years. JPT is able to import laser lights with new energy sources, thanks to close collaboration with leading manufacturers.

JPT owns MOPA pulsed fiber lasers that have the following characteristics: a changeable pulse width, fast response times, first pulse inclusion, and slight fluctuations in output across temperatures. They also have a small size, low sound, and an extremely low power consumption. JPT is a specialist in the construction of MOPAs for pole-piece cutting. The company has been researching laser processing and found that it is possible to make the batteries more efficient by using both anode as well as cathode materials. The company is capable of supplying MOPA lasers to CATL.

CATL’s supplier notice

JPT suggested that CATL’s supplier notice was an important asset for the company’s progress into open markets. It was a benefit to JPT’s progress in the laser processing of batteries. To produce high-quality products that satisfy customers, it is essential to follow strict guidelines during the development, testing, production, and distribution of products.

In order to support the company’s growth in research and development (R&D), additional employees were hired. JPT currently has over 600 R&D employees, including 23 doctors. Shenzhen has approximately 500 employees, with close to 100 located in Singapore, as well as R&D members in Japan and South Korea.

Revenue Growth of 106.04% by 2021

Recently, the company released its annual report. The report showed that JPT will reach a revenue level of 1.199 billion Yuan, an increase of 40.5% annually. The net profit will be 91 million Yuan, which represents a 106.04% increase in annual growth.

In 2021, the enterprise spent 144 million Yuan on R&D. This is 42.95% more than in the previous year. In 2021, 65 intellectual property rights were also applied for. These included 15 utility patents and 4 design patents. There were also 22 invention patents and 24 software copyrights. 44 intellectual property rights, including 5 invention patents and 9 design patents. 10 new patents were also approved. 20 software copyrights were also approved before the year was over.

JPT keeps the consumer’s interests at heart and strives to optimize laser power for faster, more efficient laser processing. The company’s goal to increase profits has seen product pricing rise over the years. The company’s reliable and high-performing products have helped it build a loyal customer base. This has been possible through the manufacturing of high quality equipment and precise processing. They have increased their production to meet increasing demand, which has resulted in more sales.

Weather conditions, such as rainfall, temperature, and sunlight, directly impact agricultural activities. Farmers rely on favorable weather patterns for crop growth, while extreme weather events like droughts or floods can have devastating effects on crops.

Last thought

Production site costs have fallen as the JPT Fiber Laser Industrial Park is increasingly used in Huizhou City. The company’s profits have increased due to improved product design, which has helped reduce production costs and has helped propel its growth. JPT supplies CATL with a yearly increase of 100 percent.

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